This is our beer festival at Reikartz Aquadar! 

    From September 30 to October 6, we will brightly celebrate the most famous beer festival in the world and the last time this year we will plunge into the incredible atmosphere of the Bavarian separation! Celebrate with us to the loud knock of glasses filled to the brim with beer. 

    The highlight of the festival - pork roll "Rul`ka" in the best German traditions and, of course, beer Varvar by attractive price - 2 bottles for the price of one. 

    And also during this period we give a discount of -10% on accommodation!* 

    Sit down if you’re standing, because pints of the festival’s traditional drink are already waiting for you! UNLIMITED of original beer in Chalet Restaurant!** 

    And on Saturday, 05.10, we are waiting for you at the theme party. There will be contests, presenter and, of course, music. It will be unforgettable! 

    What is the result? 

- Week of grand separation 

- UNLIMITED author's beer 

- Hot prices for pork roll "Rul`ka" 

- Theme party 

- And all this is accompanied by a 10% discount on accommodation 

Why go to Munich? Create a real Bavarian atmosphere at Reikartz Akvadar! We are waiting for you at the fest. 

*The discount on accommodation is valid from 30.09 to 06.10 when booking a room for 3 days/2 nights. 

**UNLIMITED is valid from 30.09 to 06.10. Only from 19:00 to 21:00 (Monday - Sunday) in the Chalet restaurant. 

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Table reservation by phone: +38 (096) 249 3237 

Permanent discount: 10% when booking a room from 7 nights! 

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